Thursday, October 15, 2009

I personally like how Rhi-Rhi placed the tights under the ripped jeans...cute detail..might have to swagger jack for one of my clients!! Hey Picasso was not the first and only artist!!!

Don't even think about Breathing?!?!?

How do you guys feel about Christina Milian's dress @ the BET HIP HOP AWARDS?!?! Major Fail or No?

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Is the Tall Tee Really Dead?!?!

See I would like to think it is..I mean if it's not in your actual size fellas.
Big things on little people make you even smaller.
If you're shorter than 5'9" it's time to shop in your correct size.
So with that being said..the tall tee is dead for short people @ least...
And dudes who wear EXTREMELY tight shirts..Baby Gap wants them back!!!

RED LipSSSSSS ARE Zexyyyyy!!

I have been doing makeup for fashion shows and music videos for the past few months. My favorite thing to do on someone is the red lip. It's perfect for adding a hit of drama to any outfit. Here are a few tips:

*First make sure that you have a red lipstick that matches your skin's undertone..all reds are not created equal.
*Secure a lip brush and if possible a good lip conditioner..if not go for an oldie but goodie VASELINE!!
* Be sure to line your lips with a red or red tone liner and color in just a little bit.
* Start from the center and work your way out with the lipbrush &lipstick.
* Apply gloss for that extra POP!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Shoes..I DIE For!!

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Soo you know I Love Accessories

I found a new obsession and he is within decent price range. Sooo for all my recessionistas's an intro in his world.  You too can wear fly shades inspired by Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and more!!!  Check him out @

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I have a few clients going to the BET Awards this weekend; so I decided to give you guys some tips just in case you are in the building!!!
First off demure is def not the word for this season's award show. The main focus is color, extreme shoes, and (my personal favorite) the 80s. I am encouraging my clients to pursue award appropriate attire but at the same time give your look a little spice. If choose a classic silhouette, then make sure to go anywhere BUT the areas of black and grey!! I want to encourage my rock stars to embrace all hues of purple or shocking pinks and my dolls to go for bright blues or electric yellows. For my fellas, I would love to see you guys in Dee and Ricky Lego Accessories. Guys have the problem of blending in, so try a fly jacket, shoe, or random accessory! Here is some photographic evidence of what Lush Lady finds appealing.

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